Sometimes it ticks me off.

This morning I had a Confirmation class and for those who don’t know it’s a religion class where you can get confirmed into a church. I’m sitting there as the teacher talked about what he and the church believed in. Then an old woman came in and talked about abortion and that we should help pray silently for the end of abortion. And I just couldn’t help but get upset. The woman showed us a few signs that said things like ‘Abortion is a sin’ and ‘Women deserve better’. But, it’s the women’s choice whether to get an abortion. Women do deserve better but making them feel pressured on a choice that is their’s to chose isn’t the best way to go. I personally don’t like the idea of abortion but it’s our choice whether to do so. Picture it this way: Someone holds a baby in one hand and an embryo in the other. Clearly, if they were dropped both at the same time, the baby’s life is more important than the embryo right? But, again, it’s just a matter of opinion.



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