Aww Yissss


Yo. Today I had a tennis match against our rival school and it’s a tradition to do Secret Sister for each of the levels. Secret Sister is literally the same as Secret Santa. So, when I got my gift, my secret sister went fricken all out, yo, no joke. On the paper, I wrote down boba as my favorite drink but I thought she wasn’t going to get it for me because it’s annoying to ask someone to bring a cold drink at 6th period. So guess what I got. Go. Guess. Do it. Boba? Is that your answer? No actually it wasn’t boba… Lie! It was. Sorry not sorry. And I got this really extremely delicious looking chocolate thingy with diabetes in every bite. While I was debating whether I should eat it or not, I saw there was a post-it in the bag so I was thinking,”Oh~! She even wrote me a note!” I read it and it said,”No eating.” ………. It was like she read my mind and told me it was a bad idea to eat before the matches from the past. We even won but I believe Giao wants to tell the details so I’ll leave it be for now.



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