Just Maybe

“They’re about the same level as you guys,” said our JV Tennis Coach. “Just try your best and be aggressive.” I was told this before from my other teammates who played the school last year as frosh-sophs, but to have it coming from our coach, that was another thing. My partner and I, Annie, were placed as Doubles 3, and both of us could tell that the other was a nervous wreck. Our team did our usual loud cheer with determination in all of our voices, “B-B-BAR, O-O-ONS, BAR, ONS, GOOOO BARONS!!!” And it never fails to make my ears ring for few seconds after. The first set started. I took a deep breath to calm the fast pace in which my heart was beating and glanced over at my partner whose gaze was toward our opponents, then served. We won 6-0.

The second set was up and my throat was parched. Let’s just say things didn’t go well for us in the beginning. We were loosing 0-3 and I was getting mad at myself for making such stupid mistakes over and over again. Net. Out. Net. However, Annie managed to keep a smile on my face and we got a few laughs in during the match. I relaxed a little more and started to play tennis for the reason that encouraged me to keep on improving…for the fun of it. It took us a long time for us to get 5-5 on the scoreboard, but we fought through it and let’s just say that Annie and I were happy with the results we got at the end.

Even though we didn’t win our last set with a score of 4-6, we still contributed a few games to the scoreboard and it wasn’t until we started counting up the score did I realize my Coach was right. Every Single Game Counts. If we didn’t get those 4 games, there was a chance that our JV team could have lost. All the girls high-fived one another when the total score was 89-84; us being the champions.

To sum this whole long story, it wasn’t me trying to brag (part of it was), but it was the fact that my partner and I pulled it through and had trust in each other. We didn’t give criticisms or insults to the one who missed, we simply gave the other some hope. Hope that we’ll get the next point, or hope that the ball won’t go out.

Hope is a marvelous type of faith, because when things go as hoped, it brings such beautiful satisfaction.



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