Today Was… Interesting.

Yo. Today, my sister wanted to have a beach party so I went and so did a few of her other friends. During the third trip to the water, the tide was really strong and there were a few rift currents. So, I’m swimming with two of my friends and a woman was waving towards us and I could already tell that something was wrong. Her face was really red and she was having a hard time breathing. Plus, she was holding her swimsuit in a weird way and then I realized that it wasn’t really on. One of my friends was a guy so he just stood a foot away as my friend and I went to ask her what was wrong. She explained to us while trying to catch her breath. So what happened was that she was swimming and got caught in a rift current and that the tide was so strong it ripped her swimming suit. And what was worst was that she was pregnant. My friend helped her get to shore as I filled my other friend in on what happened. When my friend came back, we asked her why the woman went swimming alone when she was pregnant. She told us that the woman was a professional swimmer. But aside from all this, it was a kind of scary experience. I mean, she would’ve possibly died. I can’t even imagine what she felt like. But, I’m happy we saw her and helped her ashore.



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