Take 1 per day

What if we had medicine that gave us the traits we needed for that day?

During English class one day, we were told to come up with bad ideas. We could think of anything based off from our needs or wants. My group agreed that we needed more time to do activities we wish to do since school occupies most of our week already. I, on the other hand, was curious to what would happen if the traits we seek could be given to us through one, simple pill.┬áDon’t you think it would help us resolve some of the little things and maybe even bigger problems?

“Oh no, I have a presentation in class today, but I get nervous when all the attention is on me.” You wouldn’t have to worry since you can just pop the “courage” pill into your mouth and you will feel courageous even more than ever before. Instead of fidgeting or having sweaty hands, you stand up straight and tall with the bravery you got from that one courage pill.

“My life is ruined, it can’t get any worse. I wish I could just disappear…” I’m sure everyone had those moments where they feel depressed and wished that everything would get better the next day. Sometimes, however, we lose hope and that’s when horrible decisions are made. If the “hope” pill was made, wouldn’t it brighten our day even just by a little bit? We wouldn’t be feeling so down and it’ll help us have a more positive outlook on life.

Of course, there are some cons compared to the pros. One of them would be people who gets addicted to these pills. However, this was a discussion that brainstormed bad ideas instead of good ones. I know for a fact that others thought about the creation of these pills too, and I hope in the near future, people can make it happen for the ones that truly needs this kind of medication.



One response to “Take 1 per day

  1. This is an interesting thought, and I like the way you think and write. However I’m curious about something; You did mention that people could become addicts, but what if these pills became not only occasional use medication, but everyday supplements. The “happiness” supplement; this would make things so much easier on those who believe they can never find happiness, or are unsatisfied with their lives. But with this pill, no one would need or want to seek out true, unsynthesized happiness.
    I’m curious about your thoughts on that idea. What are the benefits and disadvantages of synthesized happiness?

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