Main Goal for Life

It would be to everyone’s acknowledgement that people’s number one objective is happiness.  Yes there are some who argues that their main goal is money, love, ect, but aren’t they just factors to happiness?

I know for a fact that I’m aiming for a bright future and a successful career. I believe that they will lead me to my ultimate dream; A life with no worries.

While my English Class was reading Sophocles’ book, The Oedipus Cycle, the other day, we had a deep discussion about the choices that Oedipus’ mother, Iocaste, made. Basically this story was about a King (Oedipus) who killed his own father, then married his mother, of course not knowing that they were both his true blood until later on. When the truth was revealed to Oedipus, he was ashamed of himself, and Iocaste who finally realized that she married her own son, decided to take her last breath. Why did she choose what she chosen? How come she killed herself?

Questions lingered about her sudden choice for death, but our class came to the conclusion that Iocaste thought that she could no longer achieve life’s main goal; happiness. Back in the time where this story took place, no one had faith in, “happily ever after.” Iocaste was among these people, and she was certain that it was the end for her — there was no way her life could get any better; she betrayed her husband and granted her own son children that were actually going to be his brothers/sisters. The only solution she found to her problem was to hang herself, since even the underworld wouldn’t be as bad as living in reality where she would be looked down upon and judged negatively.

The Nordic gods, however, had a different opinion in mind. They would always fight to the end and believed in honorable deaths. If only humans today can have the same mind-set. Just because things didn’t go our way or went way off from what we planned, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the end of the world.



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