Don’t let it drag you down.

After watching two great movies, “Hoosiers,” and “Final Shot” I realized that the main protagonists of these films all had to surpass great difficulties to become heroes. They didn’t start their lives with immediate success, instead, they had to work their way up the ladder to get to the top.

Hank Gathers, a legendary basketball player unfortunately died during the rising peak of his career. However, before the tragedy, he made history for himself. He didn’t care about other’s thoughts and continued to play basketball because he enjoyed it and was passionate about the sport. Even though he was sick and weren’t supposed to be a part of the games, he still put effort into scoring points for his team, ignoring the pain that he felt. His hard work paid off and left him memorable to his family, friends, community, and fans.

Coach Norman Dale faced many problems when he came to Hickory High School located in Indiana. He was criticized by parents as a basketball coach for their kids since they thought he knew nothing about the game. Apparently to them, two years would be enough time to forget how a basketball game is played. In the end, he fought through and brought the team to the final championships. He stuck to his rules and remained unaffected by negative comments towards him, which was one of the reasons that got him so far. If he had given up in the beginning, he wouldn’t have seen victory.

These miracle workers taught me a lesson that I will try my best to follow. They symbolized determination and that’s what I need most now to survive through high school. “The flower only blooms after it experiences rain.”


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