The First Step

Have you seen those commercials that showed the plentiful amount of ducks that were stuck in the oil spill? Do you see how helpless they looked? Of course there were other animals that were victims in the ocean, which only resulted from the huge mistake that us humans made. So as a repayment for what we’ve done, shouldn’t we at least help them? What would Earth be if all the wildlife disappear? What would happen to the cycle of nature? To prevent these things from happening, we should take these problems in our hands and think of ways for improvement.

In school, my friend and I are planning to interview the people that works at the Huntington Beach Wildlife Center. We want to raise awareness for these animals that needs care and protection by posting this interview up on youtube or other known websites. We were also hoping to walk around the school campus, asking each classroom if they will be able to donate used towels, which will be super helpful to the Wildlife Center. We are more than glad to have people join  this project we call, HOW – Helping Our Wildlife. I wish this will work out and make a little difference for the lives of these pitiful creatures.



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