First Date

When you think of English Literature classes, you immediately see hundreds of essays that need to be turned in, long vocabulary lists, and books that are required to be read before a test. That’s all there is to English, right?


My amazing English teacher proved those stereotypical thoughts wrong. For one whole hour, we discussed about the “perfect first date.” I didn’t know there was more than to just hanging out and getting to know the other person better until the life-lesson lecture we received. Though some of these ideas sound “cliche,” my teacher reassured us that it actually works. Some of the things he pointed out (mostly for the boys in our classroom) was;

1. If you’re quiet, bring the girls out to an adventurous fun date and you’re both bound to talk. Disneyland~

2. Walks on the beach can never go wrong.

3. Listen to the girl talk…even if it’s just pretending. It’s not your night, guys.

4. Easy way to make the first move? Ice-skating rink.

5. If all fails, a puppy usually solves the problem.

An experiment was conducted by my teacher’s friend to show which “object” would be the most successful in getting women’s phone numbers. First, he dressed up nicely and stood next to a nice, fancy car then asked random women if they would go out on a date with him. He was rejected eight out of ten attempts. Second time, he placed a baby in the car and initiated a conversation with more random women, only to have the numbers decrease down to just two people. The very last thing he tried was a puppy, which gave him a very good result. Nine out of ten people he asked accepted to give him their phone number. What was the main point of this experiment? Women are crazy for cute and adorableness. And I must agree.

First dates doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. It also doesn’t need to be luxurious because it’s just an opportunity where you can learn about the other person you’re with. Easy and cheap hang out places includes bowling and perhaps treating you and your date to a small dessert at an icecream store. Don’t go way overboard with the planning; a casual day would be enough.

To summarize this whole story up, English doesn’t always have to be a boring period.


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