Attempt Towards a Successful Bake Sale

We looked at each other with eyes filled with accomplishment and celebrated by clinking our glasses of coke together…

Yeah that didn’t happen.


1. Raise at least more than a hundred dollars for the Wetlands and Wildlife Center

2. Get compliments for how amazing and incredibly delicious our sweets are

3. Not only have a huge line of customers, but to have them come back and ask for more

The day before my friends and I were to meet up at Albertsons for our bake sale, I frantically rushed to Target to get all the ingredients needed for a batch of brownies, and twenty four cupcakes. After setting up in my kitchen and spending the rest of my Friday night mixing and struggling with the oven, I finally ended up with what I thought was decent brownies and twenty two cupcakes. Why twenty two? Because being the inexperienced baker I am, I  ignored my mother’s advice and put in waaaay too much mix in the first twelve cupcake liners. Yeah that didn’t work out so well…but now I learned my lesson.

Moving on. 

That Saturday morning, we created signs for our bake sale and listed the price for each dessert. We taped it to the table that we brought to Albertsons and sat down to wait for the money rush in.

Thirty minutes later….

“May I buy one piece of rice krispie?” A man walked up to our table after creepily smiling at each one of us.  Of course we didn’t mind since he would be our very first customer and the contributor for our very first dollar.

I know, sad isn’t it?

And did I forget to mention that we didn’t have a knife to cut the brownies with? We had to shamelessly walk into the convenient grocery store and asked for help. However, the ladies there were nice and cut my brownies into rectangular-ish squares. We sat back down near the entrance and served the slow-incoming customers. Most of them were super nice and told us how kind it was for us to donate all this money to the animals in need. However, one of them in particular popped out to us.

This old lady told us that she would come back to buy some after she was done grocery shopping. She came back out with two aluminum pans and started to put our cupcakes in. We couldn’t describe the happiness we felt, but you could tell from our wide smiles that we were more than overjoyed. But of course, that didn’t last long.

She thought they were 50 cents each and blamed us for lying to her.

Like lady, we had a huge board with the prices on the table. We had proof, so it’s just your fault that you were blind/deaf. I swear, where did you hear 50 cents from?

But anyways, at the end, we raised about $45 dollars. Which isn’t so bad?

Hopefully next time we would take the lessons we learned and improve the bake sale to make even more money.



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