High School now….then College

2 more years.

Time ticks by so fast and the one change that I dread the most is going into college; new classmates, friends, and teachers. There are so many tests and exams I still have to take in order to send in my applications for universities or colleges I want to enter. One of them are the SATs, it will pretty much sums up my chances of getting into any kind of school. I’m terrified and horribly scared. Questions after questions runs through my head whenever I’m reminded of this topic. What if my scores aren’t good enough? What career do I want in the future? I wish there was just some guide that could help me with this problem.

Fortunately, there is.

The Great Escape: How to Tunnel Your Way Out of HS and into College

Thanks to a wonderful blog post written by an amazing person, I’m able to calm down and think about the choices I want to make and should make. The link I’ve attached explain almost everything that I need to know in order to graduate high school and apply into a college.

The point of my post is to share this incredible guideline for struggling students still in high school. It’s long, but totally worth the time.


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