Does it All Come Down to Wasted Time?

Just a few days ago, my school witnessed a loss of a fellow student. He was unfortunately hit by a car when he rode his bicycle to school. I don’t know the full details to the crash but he was severely injured and sadly, he couldn’t make it through. We all mourned for him, some being his close friends, and others, like me, feels horrible for the tragedy that occurred. We all wore black and rasta colors (gold, green, red) in honor of his life  on Monday, March 24,2014. There was a moment of silence before the pledge of allegiance and I couldn’t help but sympathize for his family and friends. I’ve also recently lost my grandfather. We were never that close, considering that he lived in Vietnam and I’m all the way across the world. However, just acknowledging the fact that I’m never going to see him again and my mom suffering, causes a painful pang in my chest whenever I think about it. This must be how Sean’s parents/relatives are feeling…but a thousand times worse.

During English, we were allowed to write whatever we wanted on a blank piece of paper. I chose this time to write a letter for Sean Severson himself, and no matter how hard I tried, I let a tear slip.

Dear Sean,

Even though I didn’t know you existed until a few days ago, your death still had a significant impact on me. You got me wondering. Life comes and goes so fast doesn’t it? What’s the purpose of living when you know you’re going to die some day? You were just a regular sophomore at my school, with so much ahead for you. All the years of learning…only to have it put to waste. I’m scared. I don’t want my death to be so abrupt. I want to live, I want to continue “suffering” and experience what life got to offer. What’s it like to no longer worry about due dates and grades? At least now we know that you’re in a better place and remember that you’ll always be a fellow baron. Nothing will ever change that. You’ll always be in our hearts, minds, and your life always honored. Rest in peace, Sean. 




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